How much housing is being built?

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no one:me: “Here’s a pile of data for the last decade on population and housing…” We are not in a building boom here in Washtenaw County. Notes on sources: population figures 2009-2017 are ACS 5-year estimates (B01003, “total population”) # housing units 2009-2017 are ACS 5-year estimates (B25001) # new housing units (all years) are… Read more »

Why oh why is the rent too damn high?

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Two recent tweets from mgoblog sent me down a Census data rabbit hole this weekend: Ann Arbor’s MSA (which is Washtenaw County) had 514 new housing starts last year for a population of 350k, which is about 25% worse than than the lowest number on this graph. 397 were single family homes.— mgoblog… Read more »

Interrogating NIMBY Folk Wisdom. Or, Thoughts on Parking.

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The Ann Arbor Observer provides a window into a particular subset of local life. I have fond childhood memories of reading occasional copies of the Observer brought up north by visiting family. And now as a long-time resident, I eagerly dig in when it arrives. The “Marketplace Changes” column rarely disappoints, offering up endearing (and… Read more »

deep thoughts

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“The tyranny of the quantifiable is partly the failure of language and discourse to describe more complex, subtle, and fluid phenomena, as well as the failure of those who shape opinions and make decisions to understand and value these slipperier things. It is difficult, sometimes even impossible, to value what cannot be named or described,… Read more »

The first rule of Chicken Club

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The first rule of Chicken Club is everything wants to eat your chickens. If you’re going to have animals, you need to be prepared for them to die. Sometimes prematurely. Last night something opened the coop, climbed in, and killed our chickens. The timing and the carnage point to maybe a raccoon or an opossum… Read more »